Bill Barberg

President and Founder, InsightFormation Inc

About this speaker

Bill Barberg is the President & Founder of InsightFormation, Inc. He has a deep background in the field of strategy management for organizations and cross-sector coalitions. He has trained and coached several cutting-edge and nationally recognized efforts in communities and states to improve population health and improve the social determinants of health. Bill was chosen by the Public Health Foundation to author the chapter on “Implementing Population Health Strategies” for the book, “Solving Population Health Problems through Collaboration” (Routledge, 2017).

His work has been featured by a growing number of organizations involved with public health and other social issues. In 2018, the Region 2 Public Health Training Center used him as their subject matter expert for their E-learning course on Collective Impact.

He has taught many conference sessions and courses for a variety of organizations, including the American College for Healthcare Executives, the Jefferson Population Health Colloquium, NACCHO, American Strategic Management Institute, the Association for Strategic Planning, and many others.

In February 2018, Bill received the “Health System Transformation” award from Communities Joined in Action, a 15-year-old national association of health improvement coalitions with members in 45 states. In 2019, Bill helped launch the Population Health Learning Collaborative.

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