Tim Iglesias Katherine Levine Einstein

Practical Steps to Managing Local Opposition

A Talk by Tim Iglesias J.D. and Katherine Levine Einstein

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About this Talk

Katherine Levine Einstein, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Boston University, explains the origins and racial implications of policies on zoning and land use regulations created by different levels of governments. She provides insight on its effects on who has access to affordable housing. Einstein also illustrates how these land use regulation policies shape neighborhood politics, which can delay the development of new housing by neighborhood defenders. She covers data taken from Massachusetts’ meeting minutes to illustrate the demographic that participates and whose voices are taken into account. She emphasizes the importance of zoning and land use, the manner in which they are controlled by local governments, and identifies it as being one part of the solution to the housing crisis. Tim Iglesias, Law Professor at University of San Francisco School of Law, presents six practical and flexible steps for getting local government approvals for housing developments when met with local opposition. Bill Barberg discusses more in depth with both Einstein and Iglesias on the response from neighborhood defenders to change, how single homes properties are handled by large corporations, and solutions and alternative approaches to elevate community involvement and alleviate their concerns to reach successful change for housing developments.

About The Speakers

Tim Iglesias

Tim Iglesias J.D.

Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law

Professor, expert in housing and property law, and member of the California Fair Employment and Housing Council

Katherine Levine Einstein

Katherine Levine Einstein

Associate Professor of Political Science, Boston University

PhD, Government and Social Policy, Harvard University. B.A., Political Science, Yale University