Tim Iglesias J.D.

Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law Professor, expert in housing and property law, and member of the California Fair Employment and Housing Council

About this speaker

Professor Tim Iglesias, an expert in housing and property law, has served on the USF law faculty since 2001. He co–edited The Legal Guide to Affordable Housing Development Law (American Bar Association, 2011). He has published several articles on affordable housing and fair housing law, including “Our Pluralist Housing Ethics and the Struggle for Affordability” (Wake Forest Law Review, 2007), “Beyond Two–Persons–Per–Bedroom: Revitalizing Application of the Federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards” (Georgia State Law Review, 2012) and “A Novel Tool for Teaching Property: Starting With The Questions,” 20 Chapman Law Review 321 (2017). He is a frequent speaker and media commentator on housing issues.

Iglesias earned his Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School with distinction in 1993, after receiving a bachelor's degree and an honorary master's from Oxford University, and graduating with a bachelor's degree from Loyola-Marymount University, magna cum laude. In 2015, Governor Brown appointed him to the California Fair Employment and Housing Council, which drafts regulations to implement California's laws that protect the people of California from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations and from hate violence. Iglesias was reappointed by Governor Newsom in 2019.


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