Ryan Clancy

The Politics of Problem Solving

A Talk by Ryan Clancy (Chief Strategist, No Labels)

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Is Bipartisanship even possible? In these days of hyper-partisan divides, the need for finding common ground is greater than ever--but not easy.

When it comes to strategies to address the housing crisis, there are many strategies that should appeal to both the left and right side of the political spectrum. But it takes more than common ground ideas to get to the passing and implementation of policies.

No Labels embraces the new politics of problem solving and supports courageous leaders pushing back on the extremes and pushing forward solutions to America’s great challenges.

Ryan Clancy, the Chief Strategist for No Labels, will share some of the ways they are working to overcome the political obstacles to the housing strategies that would benefit communities across the nation.

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Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy

Chief Strategist, No Labels