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The Appeal of Tiny Homes for Millennials

A Talk by Marie Lindahl and Sydney Stickroth

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About this Talk

More and more young adults are viewing tiny homes as a practical and affordable option to get started. Rather than pay high rents for many years and never being able to save up enough for a down payment for a large home, some are choosing to start with a tiny home.

This session looks at two different ways of accomplishing this. Marie Lindahl worked with her dad and brothers to build a tiny house on her parent's property, starting with a purchased shed. In a second example, the students at the high school in Vail, Arizona are building tiny houses that their teachers can rent or buy--greatly reducing the cost of housing for the teachers and allow them to live in the same neighborhoods as the schools where they teach.

About The Speakers

Marie Lindahl

Marie Lindahl

Simply Marie Janelle

Sydney Stickroth

Sydney Stickroth

4th Grade Teacher, Vail School District