Julie Lineberger

Ramping Up the US Housing Stock: Universal Design for All (Repeat)

A Talk by Julie Lineberger (Founder, Wheel Pad & LineSync Architecture)

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About this Talk

Democracy is built on diversity. Our society functions best when everyone has a seat at the table. A growing segment of the US population is quite literally not able to make it to that table. "Ramping Up the US Housing Stock" discusses why we need to approach buildings with a new lens, and how to make our communities truly universally accessible. Julie Lineberger, Founder of Wheel Pad and LineSync Architecture, will present ideas, research, and options in tandem with her business and life partner, Architect Joseph Cincotta.

About The Speakers

Julie Lineberger

Julie Lineberger

Founder, Wheel Pad & LineSync Architecture

Ed.M. Harvard University