Marcella Wilson

Transition to Success® A Proven Model for Treating Poverty

A Talk by Marcella Wilson PhD (CEO, Transition to Success)

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About this Talk

Marcella Wilson, PhD in health administration, outlines how poverty is a disease that can and should be treated with the same approach as medical diseases. Standing in the way of this model’s success are the lack of standardized practices and the expectation of self-navigation through extensive poverty-combatting systems. Transition to Success is the first program of its kind to use evidence-based best practices in establishing Standards of Care to treat poverty. By taking a survey to identify the prioritization of their needs in regard to social determinants, individuals receive CARE (Coordinating All Resources Effectively) plans, which identify available resources to aid progression in these domains. This presentation provides insight on the success of the Transition to Success network and its principles: coordinating resources in the current funded US delivery system and holding providers accountable.

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Marcella Wilson

Marcella Wilson PhD

CEO, Transition to Success