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Increasing Residential Density with Manufactured ADUs

A Talk by Patrick Quinton and Galiano Tiramani

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About this Talk

One of the most cost-effective ways to add affordable housing units in a community is through an increase of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). This session will focus on innovations in ADUs that are manufactured off-site in ways that contribute to high quality, low cost and innovative designs and functionality. The session will look at two companies, Boxabl and Dweller, that are leveraging creative designs, technology and processes to make it easy to add ADUs to existing homes.

Boxabl is an innovative new ADU manufacturer. They use new building materials and manufacturing methods to mass produce housing. Notably, the houses fold up. That means large 20 foot rooms are built in the the factory and fold up to 8 ft or shipping. The Boxabl system wont end at ADUs. Boxabl plans to mass produce different size room modules that stack and connect to built any building type. Learn more at

About The Speakers

Patrick Quinton

Patrick Quinton

CEO, Dweller

Galiano Tiramani

Galiano Tiramani

Business Development Manager, Boxabl

Co Founder