Karla Butterfield

Electric Buildings - A Path to Healthier People + Planet

A Talk by Karla Butterfield (Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Steven Winter Associates, Inc.)

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The planet is in trouble and its human occupants don’t fare much better as rates of cancer, asthma, infertility and obesity increase. Most states have aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change while medical and building professionals continue to make the health connection between buildings and people. The electric grid becomes exponentially cleaner as we employ zero emission technologies paired with renewables like wind and solar. All electric buildings can be much simpler to operate and maintain while improving human health. They are often cleaner, safer and more comfortable. Consideration for systems, materials and finishes with low embodied, as well as operational carbon is critical. From mid-rise, multifamily to zero-energy single-family, the examples in this presentation demonstrate simple, efficient, practical applications with lessons learned and the anticipation of a zero emissions future.

Learning Objectives:

Learn what “electrifying” means in today’s building lingo Respond to the top arguments against electrification, including “it’s too expensive to operate” and “total carbon use is higher” Understand the top technical challenges of electrifying existing buildings and industry-standard new construction

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Karla Butterfield

Karla Butterfield

Steven Winter Associates, Inc., Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

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