Eric Johnsen

Addressing Homelessness: Economical Innovations to House the Unhoused

A Talk by Eric Johnsen MDiv, MBA (R3 - Rehabilitation, Restoration & Respite, R3 - Rehabilitation, Restoration & Respite)

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About this Talk

This session is presented by Eric Johnsen, the CEO of R-3 (Rehabilitation, Restoration and Respite), an organization that aims to care for people in crisis. In this session, he discusses creative low-cost housing options in order to prepare for the predicted rise in homelessness. To demonstrate these options, this presentation includes visual representations of sample shelter options, showcasing innovative housing projects. Eric explains the factors that decrease the affordability of housing, which can be minimized by local policy, cost, and economic actions. Moreover, the session touches upon the topics of global and local housing needs, the Housing First model and its effectiveness, and strategies to prevent homelessness.

About The Speakers

Eric Johnsen

Eric Johnsen MDiv, MBA

R3 - Rehabilitation, Restoration & Respite, R3 - Rehabilitation, Restoration & Respite

An entrepreneur with over 25 years of business and non-profit experience in areas of homelessness, construction, project management, healthcare, executive compensation consulting, insurance, IT, and ministry startups. Over a decade of working with homelessness and designing and implementing creative solutions to help restore the lives of the broken and get people housed, stable, and connected to the community. Very engaged with the faith community, church and community collaborations that help solve local and regional challenges.