Dorothy Mazeau

President, Golden HomeSharing Connections Founder, Golden HomeSharing Connections Senior Real Estate Specialist B. Arch

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<span style="color: black;">Drawing on more than 20 years of living in shared homes, Dorothy Mazeau founded </span>Golden Home- Sharing Connections<span style="color: black;"> and its online database </span>Golden Girls Canada <span style="color: black;">in 2019 to help others learn how this way of living can add years to your life – and life to your years.</span>

<span style="color: black;"><span class="ql-cursor"></span>Dorothy aspires to smooth the way for empty-nesters to find the ideal home-mates and create a successful home-sharing experience. And she’s only just begun to make her best impact.</span>

<span style="color: black;">A long-time community advocate, former architect and practising realtor, Dorothy has blended her skills and talents to create an encore business for herself in a way that makes a profound difference for all.</span>

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Dorothy Mazeau

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